Afro Samurai "Over Focus" Video Demo

These three videos show you the two types of power-ups in this hip-hop slasher. You've got the basic "In Focus" mode, which turns the cel-shading from color to black and white, slows time and gives you accurate swordplay—you can chop off different body parts. The "Over Focus" mode makes time practically stand still as… » 7/17/08 6:00pm 7/17/08 6:00pm

Fact-Checking Nintendo's E3 Presser

Nintendo has plenty of stats to boast about this year, with DS and Wii holding the top two spots in hardware sales. 200k DS sold per day in Europe? DS and Wii hardware sales are over $5 billion? Read on for a fact-check of the 5 claims made at Nintendo's news conference earlier today. » 7/15/08 11:14am 7/15/08 11:14am

Don't order direct from the waiter? Can someone fill me in on how ordering dinner worked in the 1950s? Were women even allowed to have their own menus back then? » 2/20/08 5:14pm 2/20/08 5:14pm

Stephen Chao — who was fired from a top position at the News Corporation after, in separate incidents, hiring a male stripper to disrobe at a company meeting and nearly drowning Rupert Murdoch’s dog at a party — plans to announce on Wednesday the formation of a Web video company that he hopes to build into an… » 1/30/08 1:00pm 1/30/08 1:00pm